Developer Guide


Computing infrastructure

It is composed of computationally dedicated hardware and the software components required to operate it, including calculation management programs (distributed resource management systems, Galaxy,…).


It is a Django module allowing WAVES-core to communicate with a specified computing infrastructure. For each computing infrastructure, WAVES-core needs a dedicated adaptor.


A service is a bioinformatic tool available online through the http protocol. It can be accessed from a web form or through REST API calls.


Many bioinformatic tools provide several distinct usages. For instance, a program can be run using the command-line interface or by providing a configuration file. Otherwise, the same tool can be run on different computing infrastructures. A submission is the combination of a usage and a computing infrastructure. Thus, a service can rely on different submissions.


A job stands for a command with parameters. It is run on a dedicated computing infrastructure. It may require inputs such as files. It generates outputs: exit code, standard output and standard error, and possibly result files. A job is run each time a submission is invoked by a service.


A user is a client which accesses services. It can be a real person using a web browser or a software using the REST API.


An administrator is a privileged user with granted access to the WAVES-core back-office. He manages configurations, services, submissions, adaptors and jobs.