5. How to build a simple service in WAVES-core

Here you can follow a step by step process to create from scratch your first “hello world” service on your computer. We assume WAVES-core is installed (see Installation section)

5.1. Add a Computing infrastructure

In “WAVES CORE” menu, click on “Add”, this will display the “Add Computing infrastructure” page. A second way is to click on “Computing infrastructure” and on the top right button “ADD COMPUTING INFRASTRUCTURE” of the listing page.

Click “Show” behind “Main”

Name the computing infrastructure to create. Caution, this label will be displayed later on services forms, choose an explicit name.

If left empty, it will be automatically named.

Run on: Select “Local script”, the label is automatically filled with “LocalShellAdaptor”.

Click “Save”.

You may check by clicking the “TEST CONNECTION” button on top right corner.

5.2. Add a Service

Go back to main menu, click “Add” on “Services” line or click “Services” and “ADD SERVICE” on the top right of the listing page.

Give a name to the service to create :
Service name: SayHello
And select an infrastructure (the one we’ve just created) :
Computing infrastructure LocalShellAdaptor

Click “Save and continue editing”.

Click “Show” behind “Execution parameters”. Add the command to be executed.

command echo

Click “Save and continue editing”.

Now, the service is configured to pass the command “echo” on a local shell.

This command requires an input (the string to echo). This is acheived to configuring the submission method.

5.3. Modify Submission methods

Click “Show” behind “Submission methods”.

Click “Change” on top left of the default method line.

Click “Show” behind “Inputs”

Click “Add another input”, a new window popup:

Choose “Text Input” and “SAVE” on the popup window

Fill the “Add Text Input” form :

Label: Some words Parameter name: value Command line format: Positional parameter: value

Click “SAVE”, the popup window closes

Click “Save and back”

The new service is created. We can try it right now !

5.4. Try your new service

Click “PREVIEW” on top right button

The popup window displays the automatically generated form.

Some words Hello world

Remember the name of your analysis or the ID created when submitting the job.

Click “Submit a job”, the message “Job successfully submitted xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx” appears.

Click the bottom right button “Close”.

Now, you may check if your job is well executed.

5.5. Follow the Job execution

Click “JOBS” on top right button.

This page list all the jobs, find yours by the ID or name previously noted.

Click “VIEW ON WEBSITE” on the top right button.

Look at job details, on “Standard output” you can note your “Hello world” was echoed successfully.