2. Services administration

A service is a bioinformatic tool available online through the http protocol. It can be accessed from a web form or through REST API calls.

2.1. Service list

This is landing page when you click on ‘Services’ Links in Admin home page, you can see current list of services registered on your platform.


Click on + Add Service to create a new service

2.2. Service details

2.2.1. General options


Main general options for a WAVES-core service.

  • Service name: Service name displayed on front or api.

  • Created by: Only superuser can change this value, this is set by default to current user.

  • Version: Current version for your service (no relation with actual software version).

  • Status: Current online status for this service, upon creation, it’s automatically set to ‘Draft’.

    • DRAFT: Service is under configuration, by now, it is not intended to be available to anyone except the service’s creator.
    • STAFF: Service configuration is finished (inputs / outputs / run configuration), it then can be open to the others team users, i.e back-office users.
    • REGISTERED: Service is fully configured, tested, but restricted to registered users (those who have a Django activated account).
    • RESTRICTED: Service is intended to be used by specific registered users. WAVES-core allows to set up these users by specifically selected them in service configuration back-office service page.
    • PUBLIC: Service is open to any user who visit the website, still, access to REST API is subjected to user registration prior to use its capabilities.
  • App short code: this value is used for generating urls and api entry points. For a service, this value must be unique.

  • Short description: Short description text about what service is about (not displayed on front but only on api).

  • Computing infrastructure: Execution configuration (see Computing infrastructures administration).

  • Binary file: You can upload here the executable file which will be used for execution.


    Modify app short code attribute when service is online can break api clients

2.2.2. Access management


Access panel presents granted given to Service.

  • Notify results: Whether or not users are notified when job is terminated.
  • Access restriction: When service’s status is ‘RESTRICTED’, you may set up allowed users for this service.

2.2.3. Service details


Optional detailed information for your service

  • Created on: Creation date (automatic).
  • Last update: Update date (automatic).
  • Description: A longer description about your service, may include some HTML content (you may add CKEditor as a dependency for your project).
  • Edams topics: A list of comma separated edam topics reference.
  • Edams operations: A list of comma separated edam operation reference.
  • Remote service tool id: Some remote computing platform may add a required id, once your service is deployed (automatic).

2.2.4. Service execution configuration


You can set ‘run configuration’ values for each expected parameters for service execution, one is always required: ‘command’.


You can prevent subsequent submission(s) to override a value in their own configuration administration page, by checking related ‘Prevent override’ checkbox.