1. Computing infrastructures

Computing infrastructures shortly named “Runner” are the entry point where you can setup different configuration on where and how services’ jobs may be run.

1.1. Environment list

List all currently registered environment available on your WAVES application, you may add / edit / remove (cautiously).


List of environment already set

1.2. Environment details

1.2.1. Main panel


Detail admin page

On detailed environment page, configure some descriptive parameters :

  • Label: The displayed runner name used in front / back-office for reference (used some time in templates)
  • Run on: Specify here which WAVES-core adapter is used for running jobs
  • Connexion string: The used connexion string (readonly)
  • Reset related services: When checked, upon save, all related services configuration is reset to defaults parameters


These services are now in stage ‘Draft’

1.2.2. Environment setup


Computing infrastructure init parameters

You can set ‘run configuration’ values such as login/password, destination host, etc… depending of the WAVES adapter you select in previous panel


You can’t set up your environment till you have saved your initial configuration once.

On the top left corner, once configured, a button allows you to test your parameters in order to verify if WAVES-core can actually connect to the Computing infrastructure.


You can prevent subsequent service(s) to override a value in their own configuration administration page, by checking ‘Prevent override’ related checkbox.

1.2.3. Running services

Down the page, there is a list of current services which use this Computing infrastructure.